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You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Online Dating

You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Online DatingRecently BuzzFeed attempted to squash the stigma that surrounds online dating. One thing the website pointed out is that only nine percent of couples these days meet at a regular bar or night club. Furthermore, an astounding 40 percent of couples met through online dating sites or social media.

What Does This Say About Online Dating? 

It means that if you’re newly single, enough time has passed since the divorce papers, and you’re emotionally ready to get back out there, you shouldn’t hesitate to give online dating a try. There are certainly advantages over traditional dating. Here are a few:

One: You’re More Likely To End Up Going Out With Someone In Your Field Of Interests.

Getting set up by a friend may seem like a good idea, but how well does your friend truly know you and/or the other person, and what expertise do they have in bringing the two of you together?

Through the power of technology, online dating sites like Match have managed to take your interests and correlate that with the rest of their database to find people who are (and aren’t) like you. The result is that you can save a lot of time by avoiding go-nowhere relationships.

Two: You Save Money.

After I had finished my divorce forms, I remember spending a LOT of time and money going out with people on a whim, hoping that maybe they would be the answer to my broken heart. It wasn’t until I got into the online dating scene that I started cutting back my expenses and stopped wasting time on the wrong people.

Three: You Can Know More Going In To That First Date.

First dates are often very awkward at the start, and it takes some getting used to before you feel like you can be yourself. With online dating, though, you can trade messages and hold whole conversations before ever meeting in person. Not only does this help you weed through the chaff of the online dating world, it also helps you get more out of your first date from those you’ve deemed worthy.

If you have recently gone through a trial or uncontested divorce, then you may not be ready to date again. But give it time. Eventually you’ll want to step back onto the scene, and online dating is a great way to do it.

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