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Nebraska Divorce Guidelines

Nebraska's Residency Requirements

Either spouse must have been a Nebraska resident for 1 year prior to filing the divorce forms.


Nebraska's Grounds for Divorce

Nebraska residents may file for divorce under only no-fault grounds.

Nebraska's no-fault grounds is:

  • irretrievable breakdown of the marriage

Nebraska's Child Custody Guidelines

Divorcing parents are allowed to collaborate on a child custody arrangement. If the parents cannot reach a decision, a Nebraska court will make a ruling.

Nebraska courts consider factors such as:

  • wishes of the child, if of sufficient age and capacity
  • any evidence or history of abuse
  • the general health, welfare, and social behavior of the child

Nebraska's Child Support Guidelines

If the parents cannot agree on the amount of child support and the paying parent, child support will be decided by state-specific calculations and guidelines.


Nebraska's Spousal Support Guidelines

Spousal support can be paid in one lump sum, in installments, or periodically. The spouses may determine the spousal support type, or the courts may award spousal support.

Nebraska courts consider factors such as:

  • duration of the marriage
  • any child custody and support arrangements
  • whether one spouse contributed to child care, homemaking, and the other spouse's education, career, and earning capacity
  • any marital fault

Nebraska's Property Division Guidelines

Nebraska has adopted equitable distribution guidelines, which means all property (including gifts and inheritances) will be divided as fairly and equally as possible. Spouses may collaborate on the property distribution, but if they are unable to agree the courts will make a ruling.

Nebraska courts will consider factors such as:

  • each spouse's financial circumstances after divorce
  • duration of the marriage
  • each spouse's contribution to the property, including acquisition and upkeep, as well as homemaker and child care duties

Nebraska's Venue Guidelines

A petitioner may file the divorce forms in their Nebraska county of residence, or in the respondent's county of residence.

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