The Divorce Process

Understanding the Divorce Process

When it comes to divorce, people are intimidated by the process and its many regulations and stipulations. The process is not only emotinally charged but also difficult to follow. With the right information, the divorce process is actually much simpler than it appears. This is why we founded With our service, a divorce forms .

How To File For Divorce using

Qualify and Register Your Account

Begin the divorce process by creating an account and registering online. This is the first step in getting your divorce.

Complete the Customized interview on

The interview will ask questions about marital property and assets, child custody and support arrangements, and other relevant information about the marriage. iDivorceForms specialists use the information from the interview to complete the divorce forms.

Print our completed custom divorce forms

Once you have completed the online questionairre, simply download the file to your computer. Your file will contain all of the divorce forms that you need. Simply print them out and file with your local courthouse. Delivery options are available.

What Happens Next?

After you file for divorce, there are just a few more steps in the divorce process to take before the divorce can be finalized.

  • Serving the Divorce Papers: After the divorce forms are filed, the other spouse must be served with the divorce papers. A third party (a friend, family member, or court official) must be chosen to officially serve the divorce papers.
  • The Waiting Period: Once the divorce forms have been filed, and the divorce papers have been served, the waiting period begins. Before further action can be taken, the spouses must observe a waiting period, which in most U.S. states is between 60 to 90 days.
  • Divorce Finalization: When the waiting period has passed, the court will contact the spouses with specific directions to finalize the divorce. Since each state and county may have slightly different divorce finalization procedures, it is advised to wait for instructions from the local court.

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"The forms was very fast and the questions was easy and straight to the point"

Lonnie from Kansas City, KS
Aug 29, 2015
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"Fast and easy from home."

Erwin from White Oak, TX
Mar 10, 2015
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